Linda Newbery

British author of children's fiction. She loved writing as a child  and dreamed of being an author whilst writing secretly in her bedroom. She trained to be teacher and taught English for a number of years. She had her first book published in 1988 and continued writing novels and short stories in her summer break, until finally giving up her teaching job to fulfill her childhood dream of being a full-time author.

Ms. Newbery is a fairly prolific writer who has written quite a lot of children's books, including a few series. She writes for a variety of age groups from beginning readers to young adults. Her younger children's stories tend to be animal tales, but she has also written historical, ghostly and teen romance type books. One of her books features a pony and another a donkey. They are both for younger readers.

Linda loves cats and has owned a succession of them. Many of them have appeared as characters in her books!

She has her own website where you can find out more about her and her books and also see some pictures of her lovely cats.

Horse & Pony Books:

SUMMARY: Pony fantasy for younger readers. Hannah longs for a pony but it is the old story: her parents cannot afford one. When her dad starts to do something mysterious in the garden shed she can't help hoping it is something to do with ponies. Then when he says he has a surprise waiting for her at home she suddenly hopes it could be a pony...she is in for lots more surprises before the story ends…

(CORGI PB 1999)
SUMMARY: Star is a scruffy donkey who shares a field with Moon, a beautiful show pony. He loves hearing Moon's stories of winning rosettes and prizes at grand shows but wishes he too could be a real star of the show. When the local children begin to rehearse a nativity play it seems his wish may be about to come true….

Collectors Info:
Paperback originals. Both cheap and very easy to find in the UK, and also reasonably easy to find in the USA. Harder elsewhere.